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As LEED Accredited Professionals and Civil Engineers we collaborate with other disciplines to provide a "Green Team" to provide Designs, using the latest in sustainable design technology and green building technology available locally. We seek to be the premier provider of sustainable site design solutions for private developers, institutions and governmental agencies through application of LEED criteria, innovative design strategies and clear communication with all project team members. LEED Design Includes:

  • Low Impact Site Design

  • Site selection (Due Diligence)

  • Accessibility

  • Proximity to public amenities

  • Natural features

  • Brownfields vs. Greenfields

  • Determine optimum building location and  orientation on site

  • Stormwater Reclamation

  • Maintain natural features and vegetation  through construction

  • Minimize land disturbance

  • Material selection

  • Provide buffers from weather effects  (wind,  sun, etc.)

  • Reduce storm water runoff

  • Materials that consume less energy through production process

  • Recycled materials

  • LEED Criteria Management

  • Tracking total points applicable to LEED  certification for new project construction

  • Managing LEED accreditation application  process

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